LED Stilt Walkers

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LED Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Impressive and futuristically advanced LED Stilt walkers

  • Be awed by the grace and amazing costumes of the performers

  • They create a contemporary spectacle using modern circus style

  • Computer controlled LED Lights allow the audience to interact

  • Based in France and available to perform at events worldwide

LED Stilt Walkers videos

LED Stilt Walkers photos

These French based LED Stilt Walkers are utterly unique and provide choreography involving a multitude of colours and dynamic effects on brightly coloured costumes. 

An impressive total of 2,500 multicoloured LEDs come alive at the same time to the rhythm of music creating a stunning display!

The colours change and move from a costume to another constantly, creating an immersive viewing experience. The movements of the choreography and lighting effects are interrelated. The light can be controlled remotely and in real time, which allows real wow factor and interactivity with the audience.

The LED Stilt Walkers are perfect for festivals, parades and large events, suited perfectly to site specifically enhancing your event with any colour in time to music, never failing to impress.