LED Stilt Fairy

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LED Stilt Fairy
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Magical LED stilt fairy will amaze guests with her dazzling costume

  • Fantastic LED stilt walker creates a stunning LED display for a unique and colourful attraction

  • Sensational stilt act perfect for winter and Christmas events as well as children’s parties and festivals all year round

  • LED act can be programmed to match any mood or to tie in with your company branding

  • Brilliant walkabout act to set the mood at any event worldwide

LED Stilt Fairy videos

LED Stilt Fairy photos

Book this stunning and unique LED stilt fairy to bring a magical new attraction to your event. This stunning LED stilt walker is sure to make a huge impression at any event with her beautiful costumes and radiant LED light display. Guests of all ages will be amazed by the colours and fabulous costumes of our stilt act as she walks through your event, interacting with the crowd and turning any event into a sensational winter wonderland. This LED act is perfect for winter events and Christmas parties as well as being a guaranteed hit at all kinds of Children’s events and fantasy themed festivals and parades. Book our fantastic walkabout act and amaze your guests with a magical visit from our snow fairy!

Our beautiful LED stilt fairy is a magical character who children and adults alike will love. This walkabout act will create a fantastic and vibrant atmosphere at any event as she moves through the event entertaining guests. This brilliant fairy character is guaranteed to outshine any other stilt act with her wonderful glittering costume and dazzling array of LED lights. Or programmable LED act will create a stunning performance full of colour that promises to be a unique and memorable spectacle.

The lights on this LED stilt walker can be specially programmed to match any event or to tie in with the colours of your company branding. Create the perfect mood with this illuminating LED act that’s perfect for bringing a sensational winter themed marvel to parties, festivals, parades and functions worldwide. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers you an amazing range of walkabout acts to mingle with your guests and set the perfect mood at your event. Our huge range of stilt walkers are perfect for creating a real visual impact and come in themes and styles to suit any occasion. Contact our expert team to arrange booking one of our amazing acts.