LED Stilt Aliens

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LED Stilt Aliens
Reasons to book this Stilt Walkers
  • Dazzling and head turning walkabout LED aliens on stilts

  • Bright white lights and white costumes makes these characters really stand out

  • Amazing walkabout act for everything from festivals to futuristic theme events

  • Engages with the crowds, has fun and dances to music

  • Based in Barcelona and available for international bookings

LED Stilt Aliens videos

LED Stilt Aliens photos

Coming out of the darkness like a bright shining star at night is our fantastically dazzling LED stilt aliens. The pair of extra terrestrial beings are fascinating characters to look at and a walkabout act that brings fun and unusual interactive entertainment wherever they go.

These stilt walkers are totally out of this world. Illuminated by bright white LED lights with fascinating white costumes and standing at nearly three metres tall there is no chance an audience is not going to notice these stilt walkers. They look like they’ve just travelled millions of lightyears through space and stepped out of their spacecraft, which incidentally is something they can add to their walkabout act. You can book the LED split aliens to include an giant inflatable space craft and a rolling cart on which they play music they can dance to.

The LED stilt aliens are an amazing walkabout act that can be booked for events of any type from festivals and street parades to white and futuristic theme events and even nightclubs. They are guaranteed to captivate peoples attention and before you know it, people will be lining up to have their photos taken with them.

Whether your planning a futuristic theme party or an outdoor, night time street parade, the bizarre and wonderful stilt walkers will bring excellent interactive entertainment that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. The giant LED stilt aliens dance around, pose for photos and regularly go up to and engage with people in the crowd. 

Contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment if you would like to book the LED stilt aliens to impress an audience at your event.