LED Show Russia

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LED Show Russia
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Internationally acclaimed, professional, artistic LED Light performance

  • Multicoloured lights stream the darkness, colouring the dancers’ bodies

  • Technologically advanced choreography, enlightens & WOWs the audience

  • Have performed at Global Gathering, Mayday & other global dance events

  • Based in Moscow, Russia and available to perform at events worldwide

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The Magic of the night city...who hasn’t admired the dance of the night lights while passing by neon signs, blinking advertisements, street lampposts and lit-up buildings? Turns out it all looks way cooler if the lights don’t just hang immobile, but twirl in the hands of skilful LED show performers.

LED Show Russia is an internationally acclaimed performance of professionals with years of successful experience in artistic performances. Multicoloured lights stream through darkness in a thousand different directions, tracing intricate patterns, flowing into each other, colouring the dancers’ bodies in psychedelic patterns, reflecting in mirrors and widely open eyes. The choreography of the light show is very technologically advanced and causes enlightenment to the masses!

The team have participated in numerous global dance events in Europe and Asia such as, Sensation White Russia, Global Gathering, Kazantip, Mayday, Dance Planet, Transmission and many more.

A truly engaging performance that will WOW audiences of all ages, at any event.

Global Gathering
Sensation White Russia
Dance Planet
Record Event
Global Point Family
Ozzo Promotions