LED Predators Laser Show

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LED Predators Laser Show
Reasons to book this Laser Show
  • Outstanding LED predator characters with a visually exciting laser show

  • Costumes based on the iconic Predator films franchise

  • As seen on Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent

  • Customisable routine means you can chose the colours, music and duration

  • Based in Prague and available for events internationally

LED Predators Laser Show videos

LED Predators Laser Show photos

Impress your guests with a totally out of this world, electrifying LED and laser show that combines a visually exciting and cleverly choreographed laser show, incredible LED Predator costumes with a healthy dose of cheekiness. This one of a kind act takes the spectator through the emotions of being completely blown away to laughing out loud. 

Based on the truly iconic out of space visitors from the Predator film franchise, the performers come in incredible colourful LED predator costumes. The laser show involves manipulation of laser beams combined with a choreographed dance routine. The high energy visually exciting LED act includes a few comical elements like the LED predators playing classical music on laser violas and harps bringing in a fun aspect to amuse the audience. 

The laser show and dance routine lasts approximately 10 - 15 minutes and can be completely customised to suit the event. You can chose to have either one or two Led Predators and the laser act can be in either monochrome green lasers, full colour RGB lasers or a colour scheme of your choice. Backed by an up-beat, high energy soundtrack, this laser show is guaranteed to blow your guests away and any fans of the Predator movies will love this. 

With the LED predators having such magnificent costumes means that after the laser act takes places, the performers can be used for meet and greet or photo opportunities leaving your guests to enjoy the company of some iconic characters.

The combined dance routine and laser show brings a different twist to the ordinary LED act and makes a brilliant talking point for any event. If you would like to book this laser act for your event and really impress your guests, contact our team of entertainment specialists who are always more than happy to help.