LED Poi Spinners Barcelona

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LED Poi Spinners Barcelona
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Dazzling LED poi spinners perform with beautiful multi coloured poi for a vibrant and dramatic show

  • Unique LED hula hoop act combines modern LED technology with classic circus arts for a mesmerising performance

  • Range of LED acts available incorporating music, poi, hola hoops, fire spinning and visual storytelling

  • Exotic, seductive poi spinners have amazed audiences at events for Huawei, Erikson, El Camerino and more

  • Sensational LED performers available for parties and events across Spain

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Light up your event with our beautiful and exotic LED poi spinners, the only LED act to combine the hypnotic beauty of poi spinners with the modern spectacle of LED performers. This unique and seductive act combines poi spinning and LED hula hoop performance to create a vibrant and dramatic range of acts unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. 

Our stunning LED poi spinners are masters of the traditional circus acts of poi spinning and hula hoop performances. The act is given a modern twist by fitting the poi and hula hoops with multi coloured LED lights to create a striking visual performance. Our four beautiful LED performers create a mesmerising routine as their fast, intricate motions and the bright colours of their LED lights and costumes combine against a dark background to beautiful and hypnotic effect.

The dramatic shapes and colours our poi spinners create will amaze and captivate audiences at any performance, party or event. Available for a range of performances lasting from 5 to 25 minutes incorporating the full range of poi spinners, LED hula hoops and visual storytelling.

Our multi-talented girls are also adept fire spinners and can incorporate this into their routines for a more intense, dramatic performance.  Additional male performers join the group for a variety of other acts including fire juggling and fire eating. This unique and powerful LED act has made a big impression across Spain at events for El Camerino and for internationally recognised companies such as Huawei and Erikson. Secuctive, innovative and dramatic, our LED poi spinners are guaranteed to turn up the heat at any party or event.

Scarlett Entertainment is dedicated to bringing you the best performers combining the most innovate modern technology with traditional circus entertainment  for unique and unforgettable entertainment.

Contact our dedicated team now to discuss booking one of our fantastic acts for your party or event.

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