LED Performer Montreal

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LED Performer Montreal
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Brighten your next event with our LED performer Montreal

  • With multi coloured LED props this glow act creates a treat for all the senses as she illuminates the darkness with exciting routines

  • With props that can feature branding and images this Canadian LED performer is fantastic for product and brand launches

  • Choose from multiple LED hula hoops, programmable LED poi and LED butterfly wings

  • Based in Montreal Canada and available for worldwide bookings

LED Performer Montreal videos

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Illuminate your event with dazzling LED performer Montreal as she takes to the stage and creates mesmerising routines that leave audiences of all ages in awe. A glow act and LED show that boasts beautiful visuals as well as exciting choreography is the ultimate performer for every occasion looking to leave a lasting impression.

With multi coloured LED props, this glow act creates a treat for all the senses as audiences are pulled into another world that is filled with serene lights and sweeping movements. Whether you desire an LED performer for your brand launch, wedding, Bat Mitzvah or private party, this multi talented performer tailors each and every performance to suit each individual event perfectly.

Choose from:

  • Multiple LED Hula Hoops
  • Programmable Light Poi
  • LED Butterfly Wings

With a range of LED props and performances available, this versatile Canadian LED performer offers entertainment for a wide variety of events. Whether your main purpose is to increase brand awareness at your corporate event with a poi performance that features your logo, or to provide soothing entertainment that looks like a glowing butterfly or twirling hula hoopist to captivate audiences, this performer can ensure a stellar routine.

Offering shows for the main stage as well as roaming entertainment options, our LED dancer can also perform as a soloist as well as part of a duo for a real atmospheric effect. 

To book our LED Performer Montreal or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists.