LED Nightclub Robots

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LED Nightclub Robots
Reasons to book this nightclub robot
  • These LED nightclub robots welcome partygoers into the future

  • Fully equipped with laser guns, smoke machines and LED screens

  • Nothing quite brings the party to life like a 12 foot robot

  • In addition to full scale performances the robot show is also available as walkabout entertainment

  • Based in London and available for worldwide bookings

LED Nightclub Robots videos

LED Nightclub Robots photos

Guaranteed to leave everyone in the club with their jaws on the floor when these 12 foot LED nightclub robots walk out on stage, this robot show is the ultimate entertainment for any nightclub looking to bring their event and their venue into the future. Fully equipped with laser guns, smoke machines and LED screens these high tech robots enhance even the most prestigious nightclubs. 

An event robot that is synched perfectly with the music playing in the nightclub, watch as our robots perform alongside any DJ, band or MC making for the ultimate hype man.

Our robots fire smoke into the crowds, interact with guests and make sure that the party is in full swing all night long. Whether you are hosting a major music festival or an epic nightclub event, VIP party or you’re one of the biggest names in the game our robots will astound everyone who claps eyes on them as they take to the stage and rave all night long. 

In addition to their full scale performances the robot show is also available as a walkabout entertainment option and makes for epic photo opportunities. The perfect addition to any event that is guaranteed to have every party goer snapping away and posting on social media, these robots instantly create a buzz wherever they go. 

Choose from our black mean machine or our red bot for your event or book them together and watch these high tech robots dominate your party and create an electrifying atmosphere at your big event.

These 12 foot robots were made for partying, so what better way to kick off your event than to feature top of the range robots!

To book our LED Nightclub Robots contact our Entertainment Specialists or to see more from our robots visit our Family Friendly Event Robots page.