LED & Neon dance Show Russia

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LED & Neon dance Show Russia
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Jaw dropping LED dance show for an amazing and spellbinding show

  • Incredible LED and neon light technology lets LED dancers disappear instantly and form breath taking shapes and patterns

  • Unforgettable neon dance show available in stunning themes and styles or can be tailor made to suit your event

  • Acclaimed LED act reached the final of France’s Got Talent and has performed around the world

  • Sensational dance act available for events, parties, corporate functions and shows worldwide

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Book this sensational LED dance show and give your guests a dazzling performance that’s simply stunning to behold. This incredible neon dance show creates an unforgettable experience with its immensely talented dancers and breath taking light effects that combine to create an electrifying range of shows that have to be seen to be believed. This dance act uses the latest neon lighting and LED technology in unique and imaginative ways to create a fantastical, mesmerising dance show that audiences all over the world will go wild for.

Guests at your corporate event, variety show, product launch or party will be raving about this one of a kind LED act for weeks and this incredible show is sure to make a lasting impression. Book our incredible dancers for an innovative, stylish and vibrant performance that will ensure guests remember your event for a long time.

This fantastic LED dance show has dazzled audiences all over the world and deservedly made it all the way to the finals of the TV show France’s Got Talent. Their captivating neon dance shows utilise dark backgrounds and striking neon and LED suits to give the illusions of the amazing dancers disappearing and reappearing instantly or forming into otherworldly shapes and figures in this highly imaginative and visually marvellous dance act. 

This dance act can be tailored to suit any event or theme and with their cutting edge technology and expert choreographers the only limit is your imagination. Our beautiful dancers can perform a huge range of LED acts including LED butterfly dances perfect for romantic occasions and weddings. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a fantastic range of LED acts and dancers to create a colourful and stunning spectacle at your event.

Contact our team to arrange booking one of our fabulous acts.

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