LED Illusions

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LED Illusions
Reasons to book this LED light show
  • Visually stunning combination of the latest LED technology with elements of circus, poi performance and contemporary dance

  • Group of dancers make use of technology to provide their circus and dance routines with an extraordinary and innovative touch

  • Happy to fully adapt to different spaces and especially suitable for dark environments 

  • Popular LED entertainment for award ceremonies, gala dinners, after dinner experiences, themed events, product and brand launches, corporate events, etc.

  • Book LED Illusions for events in Slovakia, across Europe and worldwide

LED Illusions videos

LED Illusions photos

A show that is both dazzling and mesmerising, LED illusions is a spectacular and innovative dance with technology option that is guaranteed to make your event memorable and get people talking for years to come.

LED Cyr wheel, hula hoops, cube, bugeng, and more!

Bringing together various performance disciplines and elements, this sensational LED light show blends the latest technology with circus routines, poi performance and contemporary dance.

This fascinating fusion of LED pixel Cyr wheels, hula hoops, light juggling cubes, LED bugeng and LED poi is especially suitable for dark environments or spaces with dim light conditions. Boasting perfectly synchronised choreographies and impressive acrobatic moves, these LED and glow performers make this show a truly unique experience.

A popular brand reveal entertainment option 

Are you looking for an original brand reveal entertainment option for your product or brand launch? Then look no further! Our performers and technology experts can incorporate a logo or any other branding elements into this spectacular show!

A popular dance with technology option, our LED and glow performers are the perfect choice for award ceremonies, gala dinners, after dinner experiences, themed events, corporate events, etc.

Find out more about LED technology

If you’re interested in booking LED Illusions, then contact us today! 

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