LED Hula Hoop Performers

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LED Hula Hoop Performers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented light jugglers will perform acrobatic dance shows with LED hula-hoops

  • LED performers actively interact with audiences through dance workshops taking place at your event

  • A video of the show and workshop can be filmed and produced so it can be used as a marketing tool

  • LED hula-hoop show doesn’t need to be carried out under completely dark conditions

  • Based in Berlin and available for performances worldwide

LED Hula Hoop Performers videos

LED Hula Hoop Performers photos

Make your upcoming party or event bright with these LED Hula Hoop Performers, talented light jugglers that will perform a technology stage show that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Our professional LED performers can dance two different types of performances, although all of them with one common factor: the WOW factor.

Their acrobatic dance show with LED hula-hoops can be the perfect start to your upcoming party, festival or family event. Dressed in costumes that can camouflage perfectly with the background, viewers will be have the impression hula-hoops move alone when the show is carried out under completely dark conditions.

The best part of it? This technology stage show can be recorded so event’s organisers and community managers who wish to use them as a marketing tool on social media can do it. But what is even better is that the video can be filmed, edited and ready to be published on the same day your event takes place!

But it doesn’t end there. Right after their technology stage show, our talented light jugglers will step off the stage and then, the fun begins. They will actively interact with audiences in the best way possible: by teaching them how to do some acrobatic hula-hoop tricks!

Especially loved by children and tech lovers, their hula-hoop dance workshops will be the icing on the cake of your event. During two hours, guests who wish to participate will be allowed to play with some hula-hoops and experience themselves the level of difficulty of this technology stage show.

If, on top of all that, your event requires a performance that is unique and different from any other LED shows, our professional LED performers will create one specifically for your event. A minimum of two up to 40 acrobats can perform two different preset shows or, otherwise, they can create a completely customised act especially to suit your requirements!

Book these LED hula-hoop Performers and dazzle guests at your upcoming technology show, product launch or corporate event with their phenomenal acrobatic hula-hoop tricks.

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