LED Hula Hoop Act Australia

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LED Hula Hoop Act Australia
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Spectacular LED act filled with fast moving lights and dazzling routines

  • Beautiful costumed performer comes prepared with an LED fitted costume

  • Dazzling hula hoop act that can be tailored to fit most musical and style guidelines

  • Perfect LED hula hoop act for corporate events, private parties, nightclubs, etc

  • Book hula hooper for events across Australia and worldwide

LED Hula Hoop Act Australia videos

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With the use of 4 LED hula hoops that come equipped with 50 different light patterns and sequences, our hula hoop act is bound to dazzle and stun your guests. Our fantastic and talented hula hooper will perform with a beautiful LED hula hoop that creates visually appealing images filling your dark event with unique colours and sights. Coming prepared with a costume that is also fitted with LED lights, our costumed performer will surely leave behind lasting impressions as our LED act keeps guests on their feet as they experience our light show inspired hula hoop act.

Creating spectacular spectacle of lights, our talented hula hooper combines her stunning light show with her crazy circus skills that result in an amazing hula hoop act that combines hula hooping and acrobatics into one breath taking experience. Lightening up any atmosphere and bound to liven up any event, our costumed performer can tailor her LED hula hoop to fit most themes and styles, offering quite a few customization options ensuring the LED act you receive is fresh and unique to your event, as to leave your guests with unforgettable light filled memories.

Performing her light show routine, our skilled hula hooper will provide your event with a memorable experience, providing high quality hoop entertainment that you can not find just anywhere. A spectacular and impressive LED act that will have your guests watching on as they marvel at the fast moving and elegant pacing lights that will fill your event with an explosive atmospheric quality, taking your event to the top of the ladder. The perfect hula hoop act for corporate functions, nightclubs, private parties, drink receptions, themed occasions, and much more. 

Contact our helpful team members here at Scarlett Entertainment if you are interested in booking our dazzling LED act and hula hooper for your upcoming special event or gathering.