LED Harlequin Performers Moscow

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LED Harlequin Performers Moscow
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Mesmerising LED light show will dazzle audiences at any event

  • Outlandish LED harlequins with stunning velvet costumes and full body LED suits

  • Incredible LED dancers to roam through your event and entertain guests, or meet and greet at the door for a big first impression

  • Stunning and dramatic LED dance show to end your night with a bang

  • Book this sensational LED show for festivals, parties and events worldwide

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Book this incredible LED dance show and bring a dazzling and outlandish spectacle to your event. These LED dancers make a stunning sight with their full body LED lights and striking harlequin theme costumes that are sure to make them the centre of attention at any event. Guests will be mesmerised by the swirling colours and hypnotic dance moves of our amazing LED harlequins as they move through your event, interacting with the guests and showing off their incredible LED show costumes.

This LED show is a must see attraction at any club night, festival, event, party or special occasion and their freakish costumes and dramatic performances are also perfect for Halloween and other themed occasions. Book our one of a kind LED light show and let these incredible performers loose on your event for an unforgettable night of dancing and mayhem!

This superb LED show features our bizarre and unique LED harlequins- performers dressed in lurid, striking costumes and fitted with rows of glimmering LED lights. Their stunning costumes made from lace, red velvet and smouldering LED lights create a bold and darkly alluring sight. These LED dancers make a dramatic spectacle as they roam through your venue, party or festival, dancing and posing to entertain and amaze the audience.

These unique characters can also be on hand to meet and greet your guests and make a remarkable first impression to get your night off to an amazing start. Our brilliant dancers will come together for an astonishing LED dance show that ends your night in a band with volleys of coloured confetti. Book this LED light show and look forward to an electrifying and madcap atmosphere at your event all night. 

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