LED Hair Stilt Walkers

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LED Hair Stilt Walkers
Reasons to book this Walkabout Entertainment
  • Unique futuristic LED stilt walkers with colour-changing LED hair

  • Non-spoken walkabout act that appeals to all types of audience

  • Great for futuristic events and sci-fi themed parties

  • One-of-a-kind stilt walkabout act that gets noticed

  • Based in Barcelona and available all over the universe

LED Hair Stilt Walkers videos

LED Hair Stilt Walkers photos

Add an element of the unknown to your event with the totally unique LED Hair Stilt Walkers. These wonderful celestial beings are an eye-catching pair of very original futuristic stilt walkers guaranteed to make an impression amongst the guests at your event. 

These one of a kind futuristic stilt walkers come dressed in floor-length white robes, masks and full-body coverage. They stand apart from other stilt walkers with their incredible LED hair that resembles long dreadlocks of light. The LED hair illuminates the white costumes and gives them an ethereal glow.

The Barcelona-based LED Hair Still Walkers offer non-spoken walkabout entertainment perfect for futuristic events or a sci-fi themed party. The very striking characters meander around your event captivating guests with their colour illuminations. They sway, twirl and flip their LED hair around creating beautiful organic looking light displays. 

Book the LED Hair Stilt Walkers for either indoor or outdoor walkabout entertainment, but the darker the conditions, the better the impact. With no actual speech in their performances, the Spanish stilt walkers can perform at events worldwide and engage with any type of audience. 

Our futuristic stilt walkers are visually captivating therefor able to offer magnificent walkabout entertainment or provide your event with a stunning welcoming act. They will appear where you want them too and are also able to change the colour of the LED hair to suit you requirements. 

Speak to our specialists at Scarlett Entertainment if you would like to book the LED Hair Stilt Walkers for your event.