LED Futuristic Gladiators

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LED Futuristic Gladiators
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible LED futuristic gladiators with a mesmerising dance show

  • Visually captivating, high energy WOW factor LED entertainment

  • Brilliant performance takes historical characters into the future

  • Highly skilled LED dancers with an impressive choreographed routine

  • Based in Ukraine and available all over the world

LED Futuristic Gladiators videos

LED Futuristic Gladiators photos

What happens if you mix ancient roman gladiators with cutting edge LED entertainment technology? You get our fantastic LED futuristic gladiators. Their visually captivating dance show is something totally out of this world and will bring the wow factor to your event. The dazzling and colourful LED dancers captivate the spectators and will leave them completely mesmerised by their incredibly talented, innovative and unique contemporary dance show.

The LED futuristic gladiators emerge out of the darkness of the stage with simple yet incredible costumes that make an immediate impact on the viewer. Created using the latest LED entertainment technology, the superb suits are programmed to be synchronised along to the music and makes a dramatic impact. The fantastic costumes are based on traditional roman gladiators and cast out in LED lighting they look like characters from a sci-fi. Our wonderful LED dancers also use LED gladiator spears, which sounds like an odd prop, but has a huge impact on this routine and makes it stand out above the rest.

Backed by a contemporary and upbeat sound track our LED futuristic gladiators have choreographed a seven-minute long dance show that never ceases to amaze the audience. The electrifying performance is guaranteed to dazzle audiences the world over and bring the WOW factor to events all over the world.

Bookable for any environment or venue where the conditions are dark enough for the suits to make an impact, the LED futuristic Gladiators are fantastic LED entertainment for themed events, corporate functions, futuristic themed occasions and private parties where you really want to surpass all expectations.

Based in the Ukraine and easily transportable all over the world, this brilliant dance act is ready to impress your audience wherever you are.

Contact us about booking the LED dancers' show for your event.