LED Dancers Russia

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LED Dancers Russia
Reasons to book this LED Entertainment
  • Multicolour changing LED dancers with unusual costumes, full face masks and acrobatic dance moves

  • Customisable suits with colour coordination and changeable graphics on the face masks

  • Acrobatic robot dancers will choreograph LED dance shows using the clients choice of music

  • Perfect for after dinner performances, product launch events, corporate functions and themed parties

  • Based in Moscow, Russia, and available for events all over the world

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Bring the WOW factor to your event and delight your guests with this fascinating and highly visual LED entertainment. Our LED Dancers Russia choreograph some of the most astonishing LED dance shows with acrobatic stunts and they have put a great twist on the costumes making them stand out from the rest. They have pixelated face masks that can match the rest of the suits or be customised with facial expressions and more.

Based in Moscow, the acrobatic robot dancers provide far more than just your regular high-end LED dance shows, they infuse the dance routines with street style dancing, acrobatics and even balancing acts. This makes our LED Dancers Russia far more edgy than most, with a visually captivating performance that is guaranteed to have the audience completely transfixed. 

Offering clients the very best LED entertainment that can be tailored to their specifics, our LED Dancers Russia have multiple customisation options to make the LED shows unique to the client. the acrobatic robot dancers' suits have thousands of individual lights that can be programmed into specific patterns or colours schemes. The LED dancers can also choreograph bespoke LED dance shows using a piece of music the client wants and it will be synchronised with their costume patterns. 

These high energy LED dance shows are fantastic for after dinner performances, product launch events, corporate functions, themed parties as well as any event that requires memorable LED entertainment. 

Top Tip:
The acrobatic robot dancers can be accompanied by a visually exciting LED cyr wheel performer

If you would like to book our LED Dancers Russia for your upcoming event, please get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment.