LED Cyr Wheel Act

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LED Cyr Wheel Act
Reasons to book this LED circus act
  • Mesmerising and visually stunning LED circus act performed by a skilled LED light performer with a pixel cyr wheel

  • Cyr wheel artist creates incredible visual effects when the wheel is spun, twisted and balanced

  • Lights displayed by cyr wheel can be personalised with your logo or any other branded image

  • Ideal glow-in-the-dark act for corporate and promotional events, product launches, ceremonies, galas, etc.

  • This LED Cyr Wheel Act is available for bookings in the UK and all over the world

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Brighten up your event with this extraordinary LED Cyr Wheel Act, a visually stunning display of flawless technique and the latest technology.

Performed by a skilled cyr wheel artist, this LED circus act is guaranteed to become a talking point at your event. Our LED light performer masterfully combines thrilling feats of physical skill with the latest and tested technology.

Perfectly synchronised with the lights displayed by the pixel cyr wheel, our LED light performer captivates audiences with bespoke glow-in-the-dark choreographies. He amazes viewers with the mersmerising visual effects created when the wheel is spun, twisted and balanced.

Our cyr wheel artist’s one and only goal: to create a spectacular show that will enthrall audiences all over the globe! The wheel's LED response times have been optimised so that personalised images can be created and displayed.

A performance that requires full darkness for greater visual impact, our LED light performer can also perform under dim light conditions. This LED circus act can be adapted to different stages and can even be performed both indoors and outdoors. Our team of experts and our LED light performer are committed to work closely with you to create a mind-bending visual experience that guests at your event will forever remember

Suitable for a broad range of occasions, this visually stunning LED circus act is the perfect entertainment option for corporate and promotional events as the cyr wheel can display your personalised logos and other images. Also ideal for product launches, exhibitions, ceremonies, galas, and many more!

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing high-end technology acts for events all around the world.

If you’re interested in booking this LED Cyr Wheel Act, contact us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be happy to help and provide further details on this sensational cyr wheel artist.

"Excellent performance, particularly incorporating the client's logo into the show, which went down really well"

Vicky Shields - Office Christmas Party

"These guys were seriously something else. The main thing that took my breath away was how they got the logos to work within the show. I seriously bow down to them, they have created something wonderful!"

Sam Backwell - One World