LED Clockwork Ballerina

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LED Clockwork Ballerina
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic ballet dancer provides guests with incredible interactive engagements

  • Exceptional ballerina performs as a wonderful roaming performer

  • LED entertainment provides a stunning light show as guests turn the glowing key on our performer's back

  • Beautiful costumed performer ideal for brand reveals, product launches, ceremonies, themed events, and more

  • Wonderful ballet act available for booking across the UK

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Book our beautiful ballerina costumed performer whose surely to leave a lasting impression at your special event, interacting with guests as they wind our ballet dancer up and she performs a basic and simple ballet act across the floor. Our enchanting and lovely costumed performer is decked out with a stunning clockwork costume that features a variety of LED lights that can be programmed to show a single colour, a group of flashing colours, or a spectrum of various colours, combining the beauty of our ballerina with sensational LED entertainment that's sure to captivate guests both young and old. 

Our skilled costumed performer moves gracefully among guests, creating unique and wonderful photo opportunities that get guests up close and personal with our lovely ballerina, creating unforgettable memories. Providing your event with sensational conversation topic starters, our unique LED entertainment will dazzle with an LED turning key that's attached to our performer's back that needs to be turned from time to time. Our exceptional ballet act can be fine tuned to fit most themes and styles, and provides a variety of costume choices that range from doll, pure white, nutcracker, and many more.

Certain to have mass appeal at your special occasion, our fantastic roaming character will turn heads, attract attention, and will even help out with brand awareness, the possibilities are endless when you book our amazing ballet dancer. Our fun and exciting roaming costumed performer is the ideal interactive LED entertainment option for aware ceremonies, brand reveals, corporate functions, product launches, private parties, themed events, and so much more.

If you're looking for unique entertainment that'll keep guests on their toes, an act that'll capture the attention of your guests with ease? Than look no further than our exciting ballet act, contact any of our exceptional Scarlett Entertainment team members who'll be more than happy to assist you with our booking process.