LED and Laser Show

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LED and Laser Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Futuristic costumes, modern music, laser beams and pulsating LED objects

  • Integrated perfectly with a crescendo of powerful dance and acrobatics

  • LED prop equipment can be programmed to display corporate colours/logos

  • Previous clients - Coca Cola, Mercedes, NFL Superbowl, G-20 Summit, Sony

  • Based in Austria & available to perform at events worldwide

LED and Laser Show videos

LED and Laser Show photos

Audiences are transported into a galaxy of futuristic costumes, modern music, laser beams, cyber-colours and pulsating sequenced LED objects. Light Vision is a dazzling hi-tech display of their choreographed colour DPSS laser show integrated perfectly with a crescendo of powerful dance and acrobatics. The resulting impact is a completely ‘state of the art' performance highlight that incorporates many of the world’s latest lighting technologies. Light Vision leads the way as the original show of the 21st century and the future of light-based performance art.

Spectra is the first passionate LED pixel, light & laser performance ever created.

It incorporates elegant dance, classy mirrored costumes and custom-programmed LED props that create moving images. Live drummers with colour-changing LED drums, a choreographed laser show and captivating projections add that extra brilliant, full-show sensation.

Their LED prop equipment can be programmed to display corporate colours or logos and integrate branding into the show.

Geomatrix is their groundbreaking brand new fusion of coloured lasers, futuristic LED objects, special light costumes, sequence programming and sensational multi-artistic dance performance. Powerful artistic motion with cyber ‘geomatrix’ objects delivers hi-tech visual imagery guaranteed to astonish your audience.

To book this visually stunning LED & Laser Show, contact us today and make an enquiry. 

G-20 Summit St Petersberg 2013
Euro Launch, Brussels
Hilton, Mauritius
PepsiCo, New York
Dubai World Cup
IBM, Las Vegas
Hewlett Packard
Würth AG
Disney, Vienna
Belfor, Austria
Bank of Muscat, Oman
Coca Cola
NFL Superbowl, Tampa, Florida
Royal Albert Hall, London
Jeddah Festival, Saudi Arabia
NASA Congress, Germany
F1, Bahrain
Red Bull Air Challenge, Salzburg
Roberto Cavalli, Fashion Show Rome
Sony Ericsson/Burj al Arab
Remax, Toronto
Buena Vista, Vienna
Kral TV Video Awards, Istanbul
Dubai Intern. Arabian Horse Championship
Dubai Racing Club
New Year’s Eve Show, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
Asian Games, Dubai
Silhouette, Austria
Arabian Horse Show, Ajman
Hahn & Kolb,Germany
Cisco, Dubai
Honda, Riga
Land Rover, Frankfurt
Audi, Dubai