Laser Show New York

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Reasons to book this ACT
  • Laser show New York boasts an immersive experience that brings audiences into the future

  • An exciting show format that can be used for any celebration or event

  • Range of costumes and concepts available to suit all themes

  • Performances include smoke effects, musical accompaniment and costumes

  • Based in New York USA and available for worldwide bookings

Laser Show New York videos

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Be teleported to another dimension with this immersive Laser Show New York that features high tech entertainment bursting at the seams with dynamic routines and futuristic elements. 

Watch as our laser performer controls laser beams with his hands, waving them and manipulating the beams to create visually stunning routines audiences become immersed in a vibrant world that is incredibly dynamic and trendy to experience. 

This LED act includes smoke effects, musical accompaniment and costumes that allow audiences to become immersed in the atmosphere of the show and feel a part of innovative technology. 

With a wide range of themes and costumes available this laser show is fantastic for all occasions and even offers a Spartan costume that is immensely effective. Whether you are hosting a private party, corporate event, themed occasion or brand launch this exciting show will appeal to audiences of all ages.

In addition to our laser performer, the team also offer CO2 Robots that can roam about your event, posing for photos and adding a futuristic element to every occasion. These glowing robots come complete with CO2 canons and are perfect for any nightclub opening or VIP event.

With a mixture of walkabout and stage based entertainment, our laser show offers the whole package and is guaranteed to impress all of your guests. 

Our robots and costumed laser performer transform any event into a futuristic realm that is incredibly effective for promoting your company or brand both online and offline.

Top Tips For LED CO2 Robots:

  • Custom made pixel costumes. Each pixel is customisable and can perform to the beat of the performing show.
  • Show includes two performers as well as LED whips, hand lasers, fog machine as well as LED CO2 handguns for superior visual effects.
  • The outline of the show is the 10 minutes performance and 20-30 minutes greet and pictures with guests. 

Top Tips For Laser Show New York:

  • In this specific show we utilise professional and licensed equipment for an enhanced performance.
  • Show includes fog machine, hand lasers as well as black light.
  • Also upon request of the customer and depending on your event we can interchange the costumes in our laser show. 
  • Appeared on America's Got Talent

To book our Laser Show New York or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.