Laser Painter Spain

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Laser Painter Spain
Reasons to book this Laser Painter
  • Incredible WOW factor live painting with lasers

  • Artwork fades away as the artist begins a new section

  • Fully customisable live painting can be tailored to themes and include branding

  • Previous client includes Dom Perignon for a launch with David Lynch

  • Based in Madrid and available to perform at events worldwide

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WOW your guests with a state of the art digital art experience like they have never seen before. This is a truly innovative and unique live painting show that will have the spectator completely on the edge of their seat enthralled in the light painting that is happening right in front of their eyes. 

Our hugely talented laser painter creates glow in the dark artwork in front of a live audience using state of the art technology. The light painting takes place on a photoluminescent canvas set up in a darkened room. The digital artist uses a selection of specialist paintbrushes, lasers and torches to drawn on the canvas. This  glow in the dark artwork is not permanent and slowly fades as the laser painter continues his work. This means he creates more than one images during the performance. Images overlap and metamorphosis into each other. A new image appears as another fades away. The live painting then becomes an ever evolving, moving story board that shifts into different digital art pieces. 

Each piece of glow in the dark artwork is completely custom made and carefully crafted for each performance. The light painting can be tailored to a specific event, follow specific themes or include branding of your choice. Not only is this fantastic digital art entertainment for audiences all over the world but an engaging live painting experience for corporate events and brand launches.

Our laser painter and his incredible glow in the dark artwork has won the contemporary Art Awards at the Reina Sofia and been used by a Dom Perignon for a launch with David Lynch and the Bilbao Museum Of Fine Arts.

To book digital art live painting for your event, contact our team or Entertainment Specialists who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.