LA Digital Caricatures

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LA Digital Caricatures
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented caricaturist will provide guests with unique keepsakes

  • Can provide live event caricatures & digital caricatures from photos

  • Skilled artist previously featured on ABC’s ’Shark Tank’

  • Ideal for parties, weddings, corporate functions, trade shows & more

  • Based in Los Angeles and available for events worldwide

LA Digital Caricatures videos

LA Digital Caricatures photos

Whether you are after live event caricatures as great mementos for your guests or a printable digital caricature created from a photo reference as a unique gift, our talented caricaturist is sure to impress. A skilled artist adept at creating both high quality traditional and digital artwork, our caricaturist is versatile and passionate, and always produces professional results.

A fantastic way to ensure that your event lives on in more than just memories, caricatures bring a personalized, fun element to all occasions, with each guest’s likeness being captured in just a couple of minutes. Our brilliant caricature artist will accentuate each subject’s most characteristic features in order to create a hilarious and exaggerated portrait that still manages to bear an uncanny resemblance, providing lighthearted entertainment that will delight all ages.

Digital caricatures make for ideal, one of a kind gifts and incentives, and are fully customizable, with our caricaturist able to tailor backgrounds, messages, props and more to your exact requirements for a fully bespoke portrait. Perfect for parties, weddings, corporate functions, trade shows, ceremonies and more, inquire today about bringing our caricaturist to your event or requesting a digital caricature.

Top Tip!

  • Caricaturists can pre-prepare the print paper to feature your logo and the name of the event - ask us for details!
  • Want to create maximum impact? Hook up the caricaturists tablet to a large screen and see people stop and watch!