LA Coffee Artist

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LACoffee Artist
Reasons to book this coffee artist
  • This LA coffee artist has achieved global recognition for his remarkable skill in creating life like latte art

  • Creating intricate coffee paintings using only espresso and steamed milk

  • Latte artist has been featured in major publications, print advertisements, television programmes and many more

  • A coffee artist who can paint amazing portraits of customers, celebrities and anything that springs to mind

  • Based in LA, California and available for bookings in the US

LA Coffee Artist photos

An LA coffee artist who has achieved major global recognition for his outstanding talent for creating lifelike latte art, using only a toothpick-like tool, espresso and steamed milk. Our latte artist astounds customers from all over the world as he creates beautiful pieces of artwork in lattes in just minutes!

A renowned latte artist who came from humble beginnings discovered his talent for coffee painting whilst working late nights as a barista in a trendy Manhattan hotel. During the quiet times in his shifts, Michael would pass the time by perfecting and refining his latte art, starting with simple designs before pushing himself to create more complex and technically demanding creations. Through a lot of practice, this LA coffee artist invented all of his own techniques, leading him to be one of the best coffee artists in the business.

A latte artist who knows no bounds, Michael can create anything from detailed portraits of his customers to celebrities, fictional characters, animals, buildings and scenery. Whatever your vision, our LA coffee artist can turn it into a foam-filled reality.

Having been featured in major publications, print advertisements, television programmes and many more our latte artist is the perfect addition to any corporate event, brand launch, trade show, private party and coffee centred occasion!

Guaranteed to impress and astound guests from all over the globe with his coffee paintings, you will be amazed at what can be created from a latte! 

To book our world-class latte artist or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.