Johnny Depp Lookalike

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Johnny Depp Lookalike
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Celebrity Lookalike and act-alike/ soundalike

  • Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, The Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd

  • Perfect for Themed Events and Parties

  • Fantastic Johnny Depp character impersonator available to book for events

  • Based in the UK and available to perform Worldwide

Johnny Depp Lookalike photos

This act is one of the UK's most versatile Johnny Depp character impersonator/lookalike and you are hereby invited to enter a wonderland of pirates, scallywags, outlaws, villains, eccentrics and chocolatiers!  This act is much more than just a celebrity lookalike, he's an actalike and soundalike as well and can be accompanied by a veritable host of supporting characters.  Some of the wild and wonderful characters and events that can be organised for your entertainment include - 

- Sail the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow from the fantastic Pirates of the Carribean movies!

- Throw the strangest tea party ever - hosted by The Mad Hatter!

- If you've a sweet tooth then it's the sweet truth that Mr Willy Wonka is the man you need!

- He's grim, he's sinister, he's downright scary, yes, it's Sweeney Todd! Just the demon barber you need for your spooky event. Great for Hallowe'en!

- If it's a folk hero you're after then there's no-one more heroic than the inimitable Robin Hood. Just don't invite any rich Barons to your event, unless of course they're comfortable with a little wealth re-distribution!

- If you're in the mood to learn a little but you'd like to mix in a little excitement, then Dr What will raise the roof with his crazy experiments! Or he'll just blow your socks off. Education with added WOW!

Captain Jack has been a hugely popular Disney Character for Johnny Depp and Jack will continue to be perfect for any promotion or event. This lookalike is exceptional at the voice and mannerisms of Captain Jack Sparrow after portraying him for nearly 5 years and with very accurate costume and props, will have your guests believing that the real pirate himself is at your event.  He also holds a Level 1 Stage Combat qualification and is handy with a sword and dagger!

The Earl and Countess of Devon for Powderham Castle's Themed Weeks (2007 – 2011)
Brixham Buccaneers Pirate Thursdays
Devon County Show 2009-2011
Antony House – Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties April 2010
Saltram House - Pirates and Princesses Day 2009 Crealy Country Park (Devon)
Land's End Landmark Attraction for the Opening of The Curse of Skull Rock attraction
Devon County Council for Deaf Heritage Month, March 2010
Torbay Council for the Civic Charity Gala Night, March 2010
Newton Abbot Town Council for the 2008 Christmas Lights Ceremony
Exeter University
Southampton University Fresher’s Ball October 2010
University of Hertfordshire’s The Forum New Year’s Eve December 2010
Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School in Exeter
Mill Water School, Honiton, talent show judge
St Joseph's School, Newton Abbot - Christmas Fete 2008
Ilsham Road Festivals in Torquay with Devon and Cornwall Constabulary 2007-2010
Radway Cinema, Sidmouth (Scott Cinemas) for promotion of Alice in Wonderland in March 2010
Lighthouse Cinema, Newquay (WTW Cinemas) for Gala Opening in May 2011
Greenway Quay and Ferry Service Pirate Jolly Cruises in Torbay 2008 &2009
Sidmouth Folk Festival, 2009