Jewish Trio Rome

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Jewish Trio Rome
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented trio who perform highly improvised Jewish Klezmer songs

  • Their passion is to share traditional Jewish music with the world

  • Mix classical songs with brilliant arrangements and improvisation

  • Celebrate traditional Jewish culture and a melding of musical styles

  • Based in Rome, Italy and available to perform at events worldwide

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Jewish Trio Rome is a collaboration between a violinist, an accordion player and a bass player who wishes to share traditional Jewish music with the world. Coming from the Klezmorim tradition of itinerant Jewish musicians, their repertoire is a mix of classical Jewish songs with brilliantly arranged and improvised to bear the stamp of the group's originality.

Perfect for various events such as holiday celebrations, festivals, cultural shows, and private events such as weddings and birthdays, Jewish Trio Rome brings unique and gratifying entertainment for any occasion. Composed of three highly talented musicians with extensive performance experience, they bring to the highly traditional Klezmer a hint of jazz and classical music, making for a wonderful fusion of musicality.

If you are looking for an entertainment package that is all at once a celebration of culture and a melding of varied musical styles, Jewish Trio Rome is certainly the group for you.