Jazz Band Moscow

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Jazz Band Moscow
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Stylish Jazz band merging the authentic & the modern - Highly recommended

  • Four talented musicians playing the clarinet, guitar, double bass, drums

  • Repertoire inc jazz, swing, gypsy jazz, blues, dixieland, bossa-nova...

  • Popular with corporate events, jazz clubs, festivals, 1920s parties

  • Based in Moscow, Russia & available to perform at events worldwide

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This Moscow-based jazz ensemble play in the style of swing and mainstream jazz with a focus on the original «old» jazz aesthetic, combined with a modern approach. The band began playing in 2008 and instruments include a clarinet, guitar, double bass, drums, and, occasionally, alto saxophone, vocals, and other instruments are added for a more powerful line-up.

This instrumentation lends well for playing acoustic jazz styles – ranging from conservative French gypsy jazz or Benny Goodman’s style swing to more modern bebop or bossa-nova. All musicians are in love with the music, a rare quality, which is sometimes lost during the process of formal music education that is necessary to play high-quality jazz.

Since it’s beginning, the Russian Jazz Band have been playing for dancers, mostly at the Moscow Swing Dance Club. Their first appearance there was a rage, the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties stood in the air, and since then the band plays regular concerts at dance balls, blues nights, jazz clubs, festivals and open-air concerts. 

Aside from hot toe-tapping jazz, the band can make it cool, as it does, when asked to play on numerous exhibitions, presentations, business meetings, weddings and so on. In this setting, the elegancy of jazz, understated pulse, and a natural, acoustic sound can make a perfect atmosphere for any gathering.

The repertoire includes early hot jazz, swing, gypsy jazz, blues, dixieland, bossa-nova, early bebop and cool jazz tunes. A little jazz rendition of hit tunes is thrown in now and then to add excitement. Merging the authentic and the modern, the Jazz Band’s credo is keeping a true jazz aesthetic while being themselves.

""Guys, we were on your concert in Pushchino. You are just incredible!" "

Anna Blincova

""I think that your band is the revelation of the festival in Pushchino! Where can we hear you in Moscow?" "

Svetlana Shner

""I like your music very much! I will come to your concert for sure!" "

Vera Markova