Irish Dance

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Irish Dance
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Extravaganza of Irish dance with beautiful choreography, costumes & music

  • International ensemble of Irish step dancers presenting toe-tapping rhythm

  • Live music includes combination of violin, flute, saxophone, drum & guitar

  • Includes Irish National and multiple times World Dance Champion

  • Based in Budapest, Hungary & available to perform at events worldwide

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This Irish Dance show is a new theatrical extravaganza of Irish dance, accompanied by beautiful music that will enhance and delight you. The dynamic duo of Catherine and her brother Michael, dance sensational and breathtaking solos. Both of them are former River dancers and All Ireland and World Champions. They bring to the stage their world inventive jaw dropping choreography, in this impressive production of Irish dance as you have never seen it before.

Supporting them in the show, is a precision ensemble of international Irish step dancers, that presents toe-tapping rhythms and eye boggling dance sequences of exhilarating speed, with music that will give you shivers down your spine.

The Irish Dance Costumes
Catherine has extended her creativity to designing the costumes for her show.These are the most beautiful and elegant costumes that you will see in any Irish dance show.

Made from a variety of rich materials including velvets, satin, silk and organza with details of sparkling crystals and embroidery. There is an amazing array of colours and calssical but original shapes that enhance the beauty and flow of the dancers and the dance.

Catherine felt that what is missing from all the other shows is a variety of music. Of course she wanted to use the quintessential reels, jigs and hornpipes which she danced to for so many years and that will always be a part of her heart but also to use other styles of music.

With that in mind Catherine set about looking for styles that would move her audience send shivers down their spin, make their toes tap and their hands clap.

Catherine uses jazz, drum and bass and the most popular classical tunes that always get her audience roaring for more of her inventive and exciting choreography.

The Irish Dance Show is a fast moving, imaginative and original show of dance and music sculpted together like an art piece.

You will be amazed by the solos of Michael, you will be dumfounded by the beauty, gracefullness and technique of Catherine and admire her choreographic style. You will be astonished by the striking formations and flawless dancing of the troupes magical light and hard shoe numbers.

This Irish Dance Show appeals to all ages from 3-93. It's power and excitment can not be forgotten.