International Stage Magician

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International Stage Magician
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Sharp dressed mentalist captivates guests both young and old providing great interaction.

  • Highly skilled mind reader will unearth details about his volunteers that they'll be shocked to learn.

  • Remarkable mentalist magician makes guests feel like their part of the show with exemplary interactive skills.

  • Hire mind magician for a fun performance ideal for corporate events, private parties, and more.

  • Book magic entertainment for a one of a kind experience at events across Israel and worldwide.

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Guests will be captivated by our wonderful mind magician. Our sharp dressing mentalist will already know everything about your guests before they even take a seat to enjoy the performance. A remarkable mind reader, our mentalist magician will capture the attention of guests both young and old and will bring a banging wow factor to your function. Our eccentric mind reader has been practicing his jaw dropping craft for just over a decade and has performed shows across the globe. Often described as the modern day Sherlock Holmes, our sensational magic entertainment mentalist will blow your guests out of the water. 

Entertaining guests at events both large and small, our mind blowing mind magician can provide a variety of packages that include bringing his big stage show down to a more intimate level as a walkaround entertainer, performing his unbelievable act up close and personal creating unforgettable memories with guests, or our mind reader can take your stage by storm for a raging hour long affair that'll consist of our mentalist magician interacting with audience members as he calls upon a few volunteers to take part in the amazement. The whit and charisma provided by our mentalist will take audiences around the globe on a fun and thrilling roller coaster ride of a performance that'll leave their eyes wide open.

Bringing together the two worlds of fiction and reality, our magic entertainment option revolves around the interaction provided by guests and at your special occasion, they're the centre of attention. An ideal entertainment option for wedding receptions, festivals, magic themed events, corporate events, private parties, and so many more. Our mind reader will keep guests on their toes as he reveals secrets even they had forgotten.

If you're interested in booking our mind blowing mentalist experience, contact our lovely Scarlet Entertainment in house team who'll answer any questions you might have regarding our act, as well as ensure you lock in your entertainment option.

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