Interactive Walk Around Birds

Interactive Walk Around Birds
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A beautiful glow act, meet some illuminated birds & their enchanting snow queen handler

  • Ideal for winter wonderland themed events, the icy birds will take on a whole new dimension in dimly lit venues as they light up in blue, white or rainbow colours

  • An interactive act, our walkabout animals love meeting new people and posing for photos

  • Accompanied by sound effects reminiscent of a rare breed of rainforest bird,these exotic creatures provide captivating LED entertainment for festivals, parties and children’s events

  • Book Interactive Walk Around Birds for events in the UK & worldwide

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Are you looking for creative entertainment solutions for a family, corporate or community event? Scarlett Entertainment UK’s team of friendly and professional entertainment coordinators can work individually with you to find the perfect act to bring your special occasion to life! Interactive Walk Around Birds is a truly magical glow act featuring beautifully crafted walkabout animals and stunning LED entertainment. Able to be hired for any season, the snowy birds can be easily transformed into winter wonderland characters alongside a snow queen handler and fairy lights.

One of our most exquisite roaming acts, these bird walk around characters illuminate any room with their friendly personas, sparkling costumes and vibrant LED fairy lights. Featuring stunning fan tails, long glittering eyelashes and sound effects reminiscent of a tropical rainforest creature, this glow act will enchant young and old alike. 

Our friendly walkabout animals are excited to meet you at your event. Beautiful and approachable, the elegant birds can roam around your venue, meet guests, posing for photos and creating a magical atmosphere. Ideal for both night and day time events, the birds are a sight to behold in the daytime and provide vibrant LED entertainment during the evening. 

The different entertainment options available are:
The “Summer Birds” - Accompanied by Major Apus, an avid twitcher, the birds can be introduced to children at your event.
The “Winter Wonderland Characters” - Escorted by a beautiful snow queen, the light encrusted birds are perfect for any winter or Christmas themed event.

Able to perform 2x45 minute or 3x30 minute sets perf day, or alternatively provide a 2 hour full show, our versatile walkabout birds are the ideal entertainment option for festivals, parades, children’s events and Christmas light switch ons. A customisable act, our Interactive Walk Around Birds programme the colours of their LEDs to suit your event theme. To find out more about booking these truly endearing walk around characters for your special occasion, please speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment UK today.