Interactive Video Mapping Dance

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Interactive Video Mapping Dance
Reasons to book this video mapping show
  • A stunning and perfectly synchronised combination of video mapping and dance

  • Skilled dancer creates the illusion of drawing in the air with light sticks

  • Innovative way to advertise your business or put your brand on the map at promotional events

  • Ideal dance with technology act for award ceremonies, galas, product launches, festivals, etc.

  • This Interactive Video Mapping Dance is available for bookings in France and worldwide

Interactive Video Mapping Dance videos

This Interactive Video Mapping Dance is a treat for the eyes. A visually captivating video mapping show performed by a creative dancer with exquisite precision, the combination of graphics with perfectly synchronised moves will make audiences burst into applause at the end of the performance.

This video mapping with light sticks will captivate audiences of all ages, especially tech lovers. Our dancer and projection mapping expert’s idea of developing a video mapping show like no other will leave viewers speechless. Audiences especially enjoy the effect our dancer creates with his light sticks, as it seems he draws the graphics with each of his movements.

A truly mesmerising video mapping dance, this jaw-dropping stage show is guaranteed to bring the WOW factor to any celebration and get people talking about it for years to come. Our dancer and video mapping expert can customise this video mapping show with different images, graphics and even logos.

Dance with technology is a popular entertainment option for a variety of celebrations. From award ceremonies to product launches and promotional events, this video mapping dance is a fantastic way to put your brand on the map. Also suitable for half time entertainment, festivals and galas, our dancer and his team never fail to impress.

Top Tip:

Our dancer also delivers a visually stunning video mapping show with moving LED screens. You can find out more about this option by checking his page.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a diverse range of dance with technology acts for events in France and all over the world.

Book this sensational Interactive Video Mapping Dance show by contacting our team of Entertainment Coordinators today. They will be happy to provide further details on this dance with technology entertainment option and guide you through the booking process.