Interactive Santa & Elves

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Interactive Santa & Elves
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Prepare to be greeted by Saint Nick & his helpers: Interactive Santa & Elves is the ultimate Christmas themed walkaround act for family events

  • Handing out tasty mandarins or little presents to children, Santa’s elves will bring the spirit of Christmas into guests’ hearts

  • Performing up to 5X45 minute sessions, our elves provide lively entertainment for festive occasions

  • The ideal street performers for shopping malls, Christmas parties, corporate events & more, we ho ho hope you’ll love santa & his faithful elves

  • Book these roaming characters for events in Holland & worldwide

Interactive Santa & Elves photos

Book festive entertainment for your event from leading booking agency Scarlett Entertainment. Providing fantastic walkabout acts, shows and children’s entertainers for events all over the world, our extensive roster versatile artists will ensure that you have the perfect act to suit your special occasion. Interactive Santa & Elves is a unique Christmas themed walkaround act based in Holland. Available to perform in the Netherlands and internationally, our festive roaming characters will bring the spirit of Christmas to guests at any event with their jolly personalities and thoughtful gifts. A fun Christmas entertainment option for all occasions, Santa’s elves street performers will make sure that all of your event attendees have wide smiles across their faces.

As it is well known, Christmas is an incredibly busy time of the year for Santa Clause. The generous old fellow does not only have to make and deliver presents to all of the children in the world but he also has to pay visits to all sorts of events. Luckily for Santa, he has some trusty assistants on hand to ease the job for him. Santa’s elves are often unrecognised for the benevolent philanthropic work they do for the world’s children, so let’s take a moment to express our gratitude for the amazing selflessness of these roaming characters. 

Once more proving themselves to be some of the most noble creatures on this planet, Santa and his elves are making their way to an event near you. A fun, interactive Christmas entertainment option, the tireless elves will hand kiddies tasty mandarins or little presents from the North Pole. Able to interact with guests, pose for photos and answer any questions you may have about life at the tip of the Northern Hemisphere, our fabulous Santa and elf street performers will lift the mood with their chipper personalities and rascally senses of humour.

Ideal for shopping mall events, Christmas parties, charity functions and corporate celebrations, please contact our staff at Scarlett Entertainment today so that we can arrange a date to distract our santa and elf Christmas themed walkaround act from their VERY busy schedules.