Interactive Robot

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Interactive Robot
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Visually stunning robot that strolls & walks around your guests

  • Offer dancing robots as well as DJ robots & transformers

  • Has an amplified voice and is a walking picture opportunity

  • His iPad in the chest can show sponsors messages/event photographs

  • Based in Florida, there are 3 Robots available (2 male & 1 female)

Interactive Robot videos

Interactive Robot photos

This walk around robot is an amazing attraction that strolls and walks around with your guests. The Robot is a very visual and appealing act that is sure to draw a crowd. He talks directly to your guests and can entertain for hours. He has been used to draw people to trade show booths as well as other attractions.

The Robot has fantastic moving features and is stunning in appearance. He has an amplified voice and is a walking picture opportunity. This Robot is creative and unique and your guests will remember their encounter for years.

The robots IPAD in the chest is awesome for showing sponsors messages or event photographs and schedule of events. It can also record who he is talking too.

They also have "Battle of the Robots, the ultimate show" featuring FIVE Robots in an interactive comedy show.

Don't miss this opportunity and be the first to dazzle your audience and guests. He can adapt his personality and responses to suit your audience, you won't be disappointed!