Interactive Puppet Show

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Interactive Puppet Show
Reasons to book this live puppeteer
  • Award-winning marionette artist has entertained audiences of all ages all around the world

  • Offers different interactive comedy puppet acts with different marionettes, types of music, etc.

  • Performances doesn’t include dialogues which makes them suitable for international audiences

  • Ideal family party entertainer for festivals, street celebrations, family days, etc.

  • This Interactive Puppet Show is available for bookings in Budapest, Hungary and all over the world

Interactive Puppet Show videos

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Amaze audiences at your upcoming event or special occasion with the old art of puppetry. By booking this Interactive Puppet Show, you will ensure audiences are well entertained and engaged and will get them talking about this family party entertainer for years to come.

This award-winning marionette artist has entertained audiences of all ages in numerous countries all over the world. Since he began touring with his one-man live puppet show, he has performed in countries all over the world: from Italy to India, Canada to Colombia, Egypt to Australia

This puppeteer offers a number of different comedy puppet acts. Each act tells a short story accompanied by music. All have one thing in common: no words are needed! This makes this live puppet show suitable for a wide range of audiences from different ages and nationalities.

Among the different comedy puppet acts our live artists offer, the following are some of his most popular ones

  • The Turkish Dancer: a dancer that performs a dynamic choreography to the rhythm of oriental music and encourages audiences to join the dancing!
  • The Professor: a naughty professor who tries to find the formula to bring Marilyn Monroe back to life. Things don’t quite go as expected though.

A type of entertainment that can be enjoyed by whole families, the comedy puppet acts performed by our children’s party entertainer are suitable for a wide range of occasions. From street celebrations to family event, children’s parties, festivals and many other celebrations! You can check the tab above and see for yourself the different festivals our marionette artist has performed at in the past.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of puppeteers for events and special celebrations in Hungary and all over the world.

If you’re interested in booking this fun and Interactive Puppet Show, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and make an enquiry. Our in-house team of Entertainment Specialists will be more than happy to provide further details on the different comedy puppet acts performed by this fantastic family and children’s party entertainer and assist you in the booking process.

International Puppet Festival of Pécs, Hungary
International Puppet Festival of Kilkis, Greece
1st International Puppet Festival of Latsia, Cyprus
Music Village 2007, Greece
Night of Marionettes in Athens, Greece
International Puppet Festival in Cali, Colombia
20th Int. Puppet Buskers Festival in Gent, Belgium
Puppets Up Festival in Almonte, Canada
La Maisonnette des Marionnettes in Montreal, Canada
BuskerFest in Toronto, Canada
Festival Meppel in Holland
Bábel Adult Puppet Festival, Hungary
Festival of CSSD, London, UK
International Puppet Festival in Békéscsaba, Hungary
Budapest ‘Tér-Film-Zene‘ Festival, Hungary
21st Int. Puppet Buskers Festival in Gent, Belgium
Mini International Puppet Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
International Children‘s Festival, Lendava, Slovenia
International Puppet Festival, Maribor, Slovenia
Andocs Art Festival, Andocs, Hungary
Kolibri Int. Puppet Festival, Budapest, Hungary
International Puppet Festival, Guadalajara, Spain
International Puppet Festival, Mistelbach, Austria
Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide, Australia
Dunabogdány Négyszínvirág Festival, Hungary
Mikro International Puppet Festival, Hungary
Meppel International Puppet Festival, Holland
Vidor Fesztivál, Hungary
Kolibri Fesztivál, Hungary
Bábu Fesztivál, Hungary
Rostov International Festival, Russia
International Puppet Festival, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Hi-Seoul Festival, Seoul, South Korea
International Puppet Festival of Latsia, Cyprus
Báb-Szín-Tér, Kaposvár, Hungary
International Puppet Festival of Pinerolo, Italy
23rd Int. Puppet Buskers Festival in Gent, Belgium
International Puppet Festival of Sardegna, Italy
13th International Puppet Festival of Kilkis, Greece
10th International Puppet Festival of Kolozsvár, Romania
Csíky Gergely Theater, Temesvár, Romania
Tandarica Animation Theater, Bukarest, Romania
Figeuro Intl Puppet Festival, Gent/Roeselare, Bengium
Minikult Intl Festival, Rostov, Russia
Pennabilli International Buskerfestival; Italy
Porto Sant’Elpidio Arts Festival, Italy
Feldkircher Gauklerfestival, Austria
Koblenzer Gauklerfestival, Germany
Buskers Bern Gauklerfestival, Switzerland
Lenzburger Gauklerfestival, Switzerland
Sarmede Street Festival, Italy
International Puppet Festival of Bilbao, Spain
Mood Indigo Festival, Mumbai, India
Ucaneller Art Festival, Lülleburgaz, Turkey
St. Gallen Busker Festival, Switzerland
Merano Busker Festival, Italy
Veregra Street Festival, Italy
Modena Busker Festival, Italy
Castellarte Street Festival, Italy
Ottawa Busker Festival, Canada
Puppets Up Festival in Almonte, Canada
Buskerfest Toronto, Canada
Animo Festival, Poland
Helsinki Cultural Exchange, Finland
Scubafest Cozumel 2013, Mexico
Kaposvár Biennale, Hungary
Street Festival, Chur, Switzerland
Merano Street Festival, Italy
Street Festival, Nyírbátor, Hungary
Feldkircher Gauklerfestival, Austria
Valyo Festival, Budapest
Port Credit Buskerfest, Canada
Toronto Buskerfest, Canada
Dunaújváros Theater Festival, Hungary
Hildesheim Gauklerfestival, Germany
Raalte Festival, Holland
International Theater Festival, Kwidzyn, Poland
Shanghai International Puppet Festival and Competition, China
Scubafest Cozumel 2014, Mexico