Interactive Projection Wall

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Interactive Projection Wall
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible interactive wall display will captivate guests with ease.

  • Sensational futuristic entertainment will provide a "wow" factor experience.

  • Phenomenal wall projection displays that can project a variety of games, movies, and more.

  • Perfect technology act experience for private parties, themed occasions, and more.

  • Book digital act for events throughout the Czech Republic and worldwide.

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Treat your guests and active on lookers to a wonderful interactive wall display piece that features the latest in technology in wall projection! An incredible display of futuristic entertainment, guests can interact with our video projection piece by way of a variety of interactive games, interactive applications, and more. Our wall projection display can even project a host of movies and advertising materials, a fun and intricate digital act that will leave lasting impressions as your event, as guests continuously interactive with our technology act, creating fun filled memories and experiences.

Run our fantastic interactive wall display piece in a shop window and watch as on lookers are enticed to enter rather than walk by, and as for events, our wall projection system will create a wonderful assortment of conversational topic starters that is sure to electrify your special event or social gathering with new life. Our wonderful brand of futuristic technology is the perfect option if you are looking for a mind blowing and reality grasping technology act that will win you over more customers. Our digital act will ensure its always changing, giving on lookers and guests something new each time they view our wall projection system.

Our magnificent interactive entertainment experience will boost interactive qualities at your event or shop, and is a powerful tool to leave guests and walkers breathless and fascinated. A fantastic display of futuristic entertainment, our interactive wall experience will help your event reach the top of your goals, and provide shops and other company store fronts with the "wow" factor experience to help create new customers. The perfect futuristic tool for private parties, shop displays, trade shows, corporate functions, PR stunts, advertising campaigns, conventions, black tie affairs, and more. 

If you are interested in booking our intricate and entertaining wall projection system and interactive wall for your upcoming event or gathering, contact any of our amazing Scarlett Entertainment team members will be happy to assist you with our booking process.