Interactive Graffiti Wall

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Interactive Graffiti Wall
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fun interactive entertainment with easy social media sharing for users

  • Customised stencils & branded covers can be created for individual events

  • Can also inc. a demonstration from a professional graffiti artist

  • Perfect for exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events & awards ceremonies

  • Book our interactive graffiti wall for events in London, Europe & worldwide

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If you’re looking for interactive acts that will really engage event attendees book our digital graffiti wall and spray paint wall.  A fun form of interactive entertainment with endless customisable options, the wall itself can also be accompanied by a demonstration from a professional graffiti artist.

Our digital graffiti wall creates a unique interactive entertainment experience live at your event. Guests can use digital spray cans, stencils and a number of digital tools to interact with the digital graffiti wall to create or contribute to a custom work of art! Custom stencils and branded covers can be designed and created for attendees to play around with, and additional customisable options include branding of the base of the wall for enhanced brand visibility. Enabling event attendees to interact with your product or brand in an innovative way, this highly interactive digital display screen is a favourite choice for exhibitions and trade shows as well as corporate events and award ceremonies.

Incredibly well designed our spray paint wall uses a unique system that allows it to display well in all light conditions, though avoiding placing the wall in direct sunlight is recommend. It also has a built in social sharing system, which allows immediate sharing of artwork creations to the user’s personal accounts, including Facebook, twitter and email, which works particularly well if you have developed a specific hashtag for your event.  

For events with limited space a smaller version of the wall is available and photo booth mode can be activated if you’d like to add an extra element to the interactive and combine live photos with live editing. The addition of a live demonstration by a professional graffiti artist also adds a touch of excitement to this interactive act.

For more information about how this digital graffiti wall and spray paint wall can work at your event and be customised to suit your interactive entertainment needs get in contact with our entertainment coordinators who will be able to answer all of your questions. If you’d like to combine this entertainment option with additional entertainment, or continue your search for interactive acts to suit your event our entertainment coordinators are here to help!