Interactive Dance Show

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Interactive Dance Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Futuristic entertainment that fuses dance, music and motion tracking technology to create epic and ground breaking performances

  • A leading act in interactive video mapping with dance that will astound audiences worldwide

  • Can video map any structure and create visuals that respond and react to the audience’s and performers movements

  • A 3D dance show that is perfect for technology companies, corporate events, car reveals brand and product launches

  • Based in New York and available for worldwide bookings

Interactive Dance Show videos

Interactive Dance Show photos

An innovative New York performing arts company that skilfully fuses dance with music and motion tracking technology is the ultimate choice for futuristic entertainment. Watch as this incredible 3D dance show incorporates contemporary dance with video mapping to create a highly interactive dance performance, that is guaranteed to astound audiences worldwide. 

One of the only acts in the world that uses holographic music instruments that respond to dance and movement, this interactive dance show is guaranteed to offer your audiences and guests a never before seen performance that will leave them talking about your event for years to come. Our performers play musical instruments that are completely holographic using only hand gestures as well as manipulating the visuals using motion tracking technology as they perform phenomenal dance routines.

A leading interactive video mapping dance act that creates visuals that respond to the performer’s movements can also be used to incorporate the audiences’ gestures and create bespoke shows that feature visuals right from your seat!

In addition to creating interactive video mapping, our performers can equip cars and various other objects with pressure sensors to transform them into percussive instruments that are played by the dancers. A highly immersive dance performance that is controlled only through gestures is incredible to witness and astounding for all events. 

A revolutionary and cutting edge act that incorporates stunning contemporary dance with the latest technology to provide futuristic entertainment like never before. 

A completely bespoke performance that can be customised to suit your needs can also be produced as a white label performance so that you can use the footage and performance as original material for your company, brand launch or product launch. An interactive dance act that is fantastic for advertising, marketing and PR campaigns – designed to astound audiences and create futuristic entertainment that is at the forefront of both the entertainment and technology industries. 

To book this innovative 3D dance contact our Entertainment Specialists today or to see more from our cutting edge performers visit our Brainwave Video Mapping and Interactive Audio Visual Show pages.

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