Interactive Audio Visual Show

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Interactive Audio Visual Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Awaken your senses with interactive audio visual electronic music show

  • Futuristic entertainment that features electronic music with gesture controlled instruments, live band and two dancers

  • An act that incorporates visuals projections and video mapping with highly immersive music and dance

  • Audio visual elements controlled using Intel’s Curie-based wristbands and RealSense camera technology

  • Based in New York and available for worldwide bookings

Interactive Audio Visual Show videos

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Become emerged in an interactive world with our fantastic video mapping audio visual show that features electronic music with gesture controlled instruments, a live band and two dancers. Futuristic entertainment that challenges the boundaries of not only the interactive entertainment industry but an act that pushes the boundaries of technology and the digital world. Guaranteed to astound audiences, this immersive audio visual show is a once in a lifetime experience. 

With an extensive roster of previous clients ranging from intel, Microsoft, Brocade, Peugeot, Bullet, Pedersen Media and many more this audio-visual and video mapping performance is guaranteed to take any event, product launch or private party to the next level through expansive technology that is at the forefront of the digital industry. 

At the centre of this mind blowing production is our award winning musician, producer and researcher who has become renowned for his experiments with interactive nightclubs. In addition to this our intellect and talented producer worked on ground breaking research during his doctoral studies and has even been featured in numerous magazines including Wired, The Daily Texan, Tag in-flight and many more.

Throughout this futuristic performance our musician plays electronic music by only using hand gestures, creating reactive visuals that are highly interactive and immersive to watch. The perfect interactive entertainment for any event that desires to be at the front of technology, with a mind blowing performance that is not only a treat for the eyes but enigmatic to listen to.

In addition to controlling the music through gestures our musician is joined on stage by two phenomenal dancers who manipulate the visuals to complement their motifs, moving with the sound of the music and the visuals as if they are one. A captivating performance that is stunning to behold and revolutionary to witness first hand. 

An act that embodies the spirit of innovation, is fully flexible and can be customised to suit any occasion or theme. One of the most cutting edge performances you will ever see!

To book our latest technology act or for more information contact our Entertainment Specialists today. 

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