Interactive 3D Entertainment

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Interactive 3D Entertainment
Reasons to book this ACT
  • 3D interactive games for floor or wall projection, LED display/touchscreen

  • Games include interactive company quiz, 3D car race, Virtual Graffiti...

  • Incredible interactive infotainment using the latest technology

  • Share information on your company or product in a playful way

  • Perfect for drawing footfall to a trade show stand

Interactive 3D Entertainment videos

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1. QuizQuest™ - interactive company quiz for infotainment

– Infotainment: sharing information on your company or product in a playful way
– 5 different quiz types
– All content, including any questions, images and graphical elements can be customised to the client, event, product, etc.
– The application can be displayed to the floor, on the wall, a screen or a touchscreen
– Using infrared kinect technology and webcam image processing, the program is controlled by the motion of the legs (floor version) or the arms (wall or screen version) of the visitor
– Modern 3D graphical environment, animated panels
– After identification of the players contests can be organised

2. TouchScreen Memory
Memorise and find matching pictures on the touchscreen. The pictures are connected to the activities of the company or to the product.

When you find matching pictures, more detailed additional information is displayed.

3. Virtual Race™ – 3D interactive floor / wall projection games
Interactive 3D car race games with real models. The installation is controlled by the motion of the visitor using infrared kinect sensors and webcam image capture technology.

4. Virtual Graffiti™ – Unleash the artist inside you –Paint it all up!
A highly trendy and creative amusement: your painting made by an infrared sprayer is displayed real-time. They provide stencils (paint samples) designed specially for the client, the product or the event.

Your artwork can be:
– Projected to a wall, a fogscreen, a building or anywhere
– Kept for posterity by printing on paper, a T-shirt, a mug or anywhere.

5. NagualDance™ – You are the music from now on – experience your body as a musical instrument
Nagual Dance™ is a unique interactive dance & music machine that generates music by capturing the motion of the legs and hands of the user. It’s very easy to use, you must not be a pro dancer or musician: the music is looped to keep the pace and the style, so even your grandma can be a DJ!