Inspirational Culinary Speaker

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Inspirational Culinary Speaker
Reasons to book this Event Speaker
  • One of the most recognised artists in the fruit and vegetable sculpting industry

  • Reigning champion of the fruit sculpting competitions on the Food Network

  • A celebrity food artist who has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Plate Magazine, Fox and Friends and more

  • Our culinary speakers topics include: mastering your perspective and his own culinary journey

  • Based in the USA and available for worldwide bookings

A professional chef who over the years has honed his culinary skills and learned more about the world of food art has now become an outstanding food artist who shares his journey with audiences in inspirational speeches drawing on his own personal culinary journey to motivate and encourage others. Our inspirational culinary speaker strikes a chord with all audiences and helps listeners to think positively, feel encouraged and ultimately how to find their own way in the culinary industry.

Having produced pieces of food art for high end clients such as Bloomingdales, Dean and Delucas, Sutton Place Gourmet and Balduccis in New York City this celebrity food artist exceeds expectations of food art with his remarkable talents in which he shares in live classes and talks about in speeches. 

Travelling the world to teach his unique talent to individuals and organisations, within an incredibly short time span he has visited at least half of the United States as well as Puerto Rico, St Martin and Canada.
Our celebrity chef encourages, inspires and connects with his audiences using topics that are personal, professional and motivational. 

Topic 1: Mastering Your Perspective

In this speech our culinary speaker notes that no matter where you are in your life there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that you can overcome any adversity or challenge. Sharing his personal story about discovering being adopted and his journey of finding his birth parents, our celebrity food artist and chef inspires audiences to:

  • Gain perspective and adjust how you look at things
  • Master the old adage of the glass is half empty or half full
  • How to look at all the good things that have happened in your life rather than focus on the negative 
  • Understand that there is a good and bad to everything
  • How to make purposeful choices to go a certain direction and go a certain way

Topic 2: More than skill and knowledge – a culinary journey

Sharing his journey to untold successes of becoming one of the most renowned celebrity chefs. Entertaining audiences through masterful storytelling about:

  • Finding your own way in the Culinary industry.
  • How it’s the simple things that ultimately make a huge difference.
  • Redirecting young students from being worried about their skills and what knowledge they have, rather than looking at, “These are my skills and I’m going to get even better at them”.
  • Mastering the simple things:  Being on time, not expecting to be late. Understanding that when you show up for a job on time, you are late.
  • How to prepare and succeed in interviews. When going for interviews: show up on time, look professional, be assertive, rather than needing to be the most seasoned person.
  • Crafting Resiliency and Determination.
  • Being Proactive and taking action. Believing you can. Not being side railed by rejection. Finding a way over, under, or around

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