Improvised Musical Show

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Improvised Musical Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An unusual musical act that will have guests laughing for days.

  • Highly skilled comedy musicians will create songs out of thin air.

  • Hilarious comedy singers will invoke crowd participation for an engaging and fun musical show.

  • Hire unique musicians for your next corporate event, private party, and more.

  • Book musical shows that will create unforgettable memories for events in Switzerland and worldwide.

Improvised Musical Show photos

A one of a kind musical performance that will have you laughing and crying throughout. Our improvised comedy musical shows brings together some of the best comedy singers, comedy musicians, and unique stage presence that creates an unforgettable musical experience. Our unique musicians are highly trained and provide great on stage scenes that will invoke various reactions from your audience. Based on American and British improvisation and musicals, our entertainers will come together to create a one of a kind unusual musical act unlike any you've seen before.  

Our trained musicians will put on a 60-90 minute show that will involve plenty of crowd participation to bring the laughter they'll experience to life in an engaging and brilliant way. The concept of our delightful musical shows include elements of performance art, singing in the traditional sense, rhymes, performing rhythm, and lines which are created on the spot with no pre planning before the show. Our unusual performers will also showcase their skill in comedic choreography that will have the crowd bursting into tears as they enjoy the show.  

Of course, as with any improvised performance our entertainers are able to create a flexible highly creative experience for any themes you might have planned for your event. Our performers are skilled in comedy and music and will infuse the two for the enjoyment of your audience as they create lasting memories and endless conversation.  

Scarlett Entertainment is dedicated to bringing the best of musical and comedy entertainment to your upcoming events and gatherings to ensure your event is unforgettable and provides a fun, carefree environment. If you're interested in booking our hilarious and talented Improvised Musical Show for your upcoming event, contact one of our dedicated team members right away as they're more than happy to help you finalize the entertainment for your event.