Improv Speed Painter UAE

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Improv Speed Painter UAE
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Dazzling speed artist creates stunning artwork right before your eyes

  • Fantastic speed painter creates detailed and beautiful portraits in minutes to amaze guests

  • Perfect live event artist to draw in the crowds at shopping malls, festivals, corporate events and fairs

  • Incredible puzzle painter creates multiple portraits in one with his ingenious rotating canvases

  • Fantastic puzzle paintings and live art for events around the middle east

Improv Speed Painter UAE videos

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Book our amazing speed painter for your event and prepare to be astounded as he creates incredible works of art right before your eyes. Our talented puzzle painter creates rapid fire masterpieces in minutes in his stunning and creative act that’s sure to impress any audience. Guests will be amazed as our speed artist creates detailed and beautiful portraits while they watch, making this artist the perfect eye catching entertainment to draw in the crowds at shopping malls, festivals, street fairs and corporate events.

The unique feature of our brilliant puzzle paintings is that they are multiple portraits in one- each of the four canvasses can be rotated to reveal another remarkable portrait in a stunning and creative twist that is sure to dazzle audiences. Book this fantastic live event artist and by the end of the evening you’ll have a whole gallery of incredible paintings to amaze and inspire your guests.

This talented puzzle painter has toured all over the middle east, creating his quick draw creations for events, exhibitions, corporate functions and much more. His detailed and colourful portraits take only minutes to finish and our speed painter makes a captivating and gripping sight as he layers on the paint with unbelievable speed and precision. Guests won’t be able to take their eyes off our live event artist as he creates his magnificent artwork.

Our brilliant speed artist creates puzzle paintings on four separate canvases that can be combined in different ways to create multiple paintings in one- an impressive and surprising feat that is sure to leave an impression on all of your guests.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a brilliant range of live speed painters to dazzle your audience.

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