Immersive Table Mapping UAE

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Immersive Table Mapping UAE
Reasons to book this Object Video Mapping
  • State of the art 3D surface mapping that brings a table to life with custom animations

  • Great for an immersive dinner table mapping through to innovative conference technology

  • The more elements they have on the table they more creative the can be with the surface mapping

  • Include surrounding LED screens for a fully immersive experience

  • Based in Dubai, this innovative service is available throughout the UAE

Immersive Table Mapping UAE videos

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At the forefront of cutting edge technology, our Immersive Table Mapping UAE is an outstanding service that guarantees to bring the wow factor to your event. Using state of the art 3D surface mapping they can bring a table to life with custom animation, creative visuals and knowledge expertise of this object video mapping technology. This latest technology entertainment is suitable for a wide range of events as it can be applied as immersive dinner table mapping through to innovative conference technology.

Nobody ever thinks to make a feature of the tables at their event, other than nice decorations and centrepieces. However, with surface mapping, you can transform this animate object into one of the most interesting features of your event. The team behind our Immersive Table Mapping UAE have their visions firmly in the future and provide the latest technology entertainment solutions. From object video mapping to interactive walls and immersive experiences the future is in your hands. 

The Immersive Table Mapping UAE is an extremely versatile concept with connotations to science fiction movies. With intricate surface mapping, they can make uniquely designed animations display on the table and completely transform the appearance of the table. These can be made interactive as well, and the more elements they have, like plates or centrepieces, the more creative they can get with 3D surface mapping. 

For a fully immersive table mapping experience, they can completely surround the table with LED screens and then the creativity and animations really do become something else. This is ideal for an immersive dinner table mapping experience as you can transport your guests into an imaginary world or any location of your choice with animations coming from the screens to the table.

Contact us to book this unique object video mapping or any of the Latest Technology Entertainment for your next special event.