Illustrator and Street Artist

Art Based Entertainment,Art Installations,Graffiti Artist,Live Event Artist,Street Artist & 3D Art,Brand Reveal Entertainment,Speed, Spray & Glitter Painter , Corporate Entertainment, Exhibitions, Logo Reveals, Product Launches, Special Events
Illustrator and Street Artist
Reasons to book this live art entertainment
  • A professional graffiti artist, our illustrator works with a range of mixed media to complete projects

  • With years of experience producing street art, our graffiti artist works with brands, venues, communities and more

  • Able to deliver thrilling live art entertainment perfect for logo reveals, exhibitions, private parties and festivals

  • Diversely talented, our artist’s portfolio boasts magazine art, wall art, t-shirt designs, album covers, and much more

  • Based in Bristol, UK, our Illustrator and Street Artist is available for international bookings

Illustrator and Street Artist videos

Illustrator and Street Artist photos

Specialising in illustration, live art and spray paint, our Illustrator and Street Artist works with a range of mixed media to complete projects. 

Diversely talented, our graffiti artist’s portfolio boasts a multitude of projects from wall art, magazine art, and children’s trading cards, to t-shirt design, flyers, computer game art and more.

With past clients including a whole host of high-profile brands such as Lamborghini, Samsung, The BBC, Rip Curl, Red Bull, Mambo, and many more, you can be sure his work will impress.

Perfect for any corporate illustration need as well as community projects, our artist’s creative eye and dynamic style will drive impact into logo reveals, corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions and launches.

Whether his work is created prior to your event or performed live in front of your guests, our graffiti artist’s high-energy work will drive power and energy into your communication.

Working perfectly as live art entertainment for logo reveals and more, our graffiti artist is experienced at entertaining a crowd as he swiftly creates stunning works of art in front of your very eyes. 

Also fantastic as a temporary or permanent installation, his works of art deliver endless entertainment, enjoyment and talking points for guests, colleagues, employees, friends and customers.

Create branded giveaways to land double the brand impact. With experience creating a multitude of illustrated items including books, trading cards, t-shirts and merchandise, there’s no end to the creative items our artist can produce.

Part of a street art collective, our artist is heavily involved with the popular Collaboration Nation, which has grown into a project featuring almost 100 international artists. He’s also gained a reputation for many successful galleries throughout Europe. 

Discover the additional graffiti artists and live art entertainment acts of our extensive roster of high-quality artists. 

To book our Illustrator and Street Artist, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.