Illuminated Inflatable Horses

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Illuminated Inflatable Horses
Reasons to book this Inflatable Horses Act
  • Magnificent large inflatable horses with inbuilt LED lights

  • Suitable as static event decor or fantastic roaming parade entertainment

  • Up to 12 horse characters with choreographed dance moves

  • Attention grabbing walkabout act

  • Based in Barcelona, Spain and available internationally

Illuminated Inflatable Horses videos

Illuminated Inflatable Horses photos

Impress your guests with an incredible event decor feature or stand out from the crowd with a walkabout act that will grab people’s attention. The gentle giant inflatable horses are available to fascinate guests whatever event you chose to book them for.

You can hire inflatable horses to be part of your event decor. They can be inflated and set on solid frames to remain static for the duration of your event. This would make an impeccable impact on white themed events and guaranteed to make your event decor come to life and stand out from the norm.

Alternatively, book the horse characters as a walkabout act where the inflatable horses are mounted to performers. Your can have the giant inflatable horses bob and bounce throughout your event location. The performers are able to act out choreographed dance routines or simply be a walkabout act. The horse characters in three format are highly suited to festivals and makes for brilliant parade entertainment.

Whether booked for event decor or as a walkabout act, the inflatable horses come with in-built LED lights. This has a bigger impact at outdoor events once the sun has gone down. Colour schemes of the LED inside the horse characters are customisable to your choice. If their is a particular colour scheme at your event or possible for a product launch, they will match it in the inflatable horses.

Looking for amazing parade entertainment, and unusual walkabout act or stand-out event decor? Then contact us to book these magnificent inflatable horses.