Hypnotist France

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Magician Michel
Reasons to book this Hypnotist
  • Sensational magic stage show will dazzle audiences with his stylish and mind boggling tricks

  • Accomplished magician will amaze adults and children alike with his unique and enigmatic show

  • Fantastic fast paced close up magician to entertain guests at receptions or dinner parties

  • Incredible mentalist will look into your guest’s minds and uncover hidden secrets!

  • Magnificent hypnotist available for roaming performances and stage shows worldwide

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Book our incredible magician Michel to amaze and mystify audiences at any event, party or corporate function. This enigmatic and stylish mentalist delivers a stunning and highly entertaining show with his unique skills and performance style. Guests will be amazed at the dazzling tricks and ingenious illusion in this fast paced and interactive magic stage show.

Our acclaimed mentalist and hypnotist is sure to cause a stir at any event with his uncanny powers of memory, prediction and intuition that will make him seem like he can look directly into your mind. Our dazzling close up magician will be the talk of any event and his incredible repertoire of tricks and illusions will amaze adults and children alike. Leave the everyday behind and step into a world where reality and fantasy blur together and you’ll believe anything is possible. 

Our incredibly hypnotist and magician is the perfect choice for giving your guests a taste of the paranormal at dinner parties, corporate events or private functions. As a roaming performer Michel will entertain guests and create a brilliantly magical atmosphere with his quick fire close up magic that works absolutely anywhere. For a bigger spectacle our magic stage show is packed to bursting with the latest and most mind boggling tricks and illusions that will leave your guests speechless.

Our talented mentalist will amaze audiences anywhere with his ability to predict secrets or discern hidden information using his expertise in suggestion, psychology and intuition. For a truly extraordinary experience our hypnotist can unlock the hidden secrets of the human mind and take your guests on a spellbinding journey like no other.

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