Human Cannonball USA

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Human Cannonball USA
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An extreme stunt show that will leave the audience breathless as the one-man show takes place!

  • A daredevil show that consists of a human being fired out of a cannon flying outrageously high in the sky.

  • Our amazing stunt artist has been a very talented and skilled stunt performer for over a decade.

  • Hire extreme entertainment performer to amaze your audience no matter what the event.

  • Book stunt act to perform in North America and worldwide.

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Book extreme stunt shows and daredevil shows for your next event. Amazing stunt artists provide first class extreme entertainment. Our Human Cannonball stunt act is one of the best in the world and available to hire for events worldwide. 

If you're on the hunt to snag a stunt act for your event that will have your audience covering their eyes, then look no further as we have you covered with our unique human cannonball show from North America. There's nothing that screams extreme more than shooting oneself out of a cannon at what could be considered one of the more deadly acts a stunt artist could perform. 

Our stunt artist is of course a well trained professional and has even earned himself a few key nicknames that would suggest just that. Our talent's extreme stunt shows are entertaining and will provide a kick of energy into your event that will surely have the crowd talking for the rest of their lives. There's nothing like seeing a man fly through the air at extreme speeds.

Scarlett Entertainment strives in bringing the most talented daredevil stunt acts in the extreme entertainment industry to events worldwide. With daredevil shows that will keep even the most straight-faced attendee cowering for our talents life, you can rest-assure our stunt shows wont leave you disappointed. 

Taking his stunt act across the world, our fabulous human cannonball has been fired out of his cannon over 1000 times even earning the title of "highest flying human cannonball" which should showcase just how amazing this act is and what he can bring to your upcoming event.  
Filled with more adrenaline than an energy drink, our human cannonball act can provide a little customization to help fit the theme of your event even more providing more interaction and highly flammable fun-filled entertainment. 

If you're interested in booking our high flying human cannonball USA act, you should get in contact with our amazing Scarlett Entertainment staff today and they'll help you bring this out of world stunt show to your upcoming event or gathering.