Human Baseball Statue

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Human Baseball Statue
Reasons to book this human statue
  • A real life human baseball statue that comes to life to entertain passers by and guests at your event

  • Dressed in bronzed attire, this old fashioned all star looks just like a statue

  • Perfect for adding an interactive element to your event

  • Not only does this human statue create excitement at every occasion, but he even adds to the overall impact of your event décor and theme

  • Based in New York and available for worldwide bookings

Human Baseball Statue photos

Coming to life this human baseball statue brings the magic of the ballgame to you as he appears like a real statue, barely moving and blending in perfectly with his surroundings. Don’t be fooled by his incredible ability to stand as still as a statue, this old-school baseball player has a character and mind of his own! Moving and interacting with guests and passers-by, watch as everyone’s eyes light up when they see him moving.

Perfect for bringing that extra something special to your event, this human statue boasts an interactive element that will engage your guests and create a fun talking point for the entire evening.

With an option to appear on a podium or without, this baseballer can appear anywhere at your occasion to surprise your guests and create a fantastic element that guests of all ages will love.

Wearing a bronzed exterior, our sportsman statue looks just like the statues that you often see of famous sports stars and leaders. Bringing a fun and authentic dynamic to every occasion, watch as this baseball player poses for photos, interacts with guests and fools around with passers-by. 

Not only adding a highly interactive element to every occasion, this human statue even adds to the overall impact of your event décor and theme. Whether you are hosting a sporting event, private party, baseball-themed occasion, corporate event or anything in between, our baseball player complements all events. 

Top Tip:

Our baseball statue makes for a fantastic talking point and is a great way to break the ice between guests.

To boo our Human Baseball Statue or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.