Hula Hoop Performer

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Hula Hoop Performer
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Captivating hula-hoop act will leave you guests breathless

  • Costumes and dancers create seductive and enticing story

  • Popular with corporate events, theatres, nightclubs, cruise ships, parties

  • Themes include UV, rock, Parisian and modern

  • Based in the UK and available to perform at events worldwide

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Our international hula hoop performer offers a seductive, bold and exciting act; an experience that will leave you breathless. Her captivating hoop show has been nominated for numerous awards and involves feats of extraordinary skill. As an experienced circus hoop act, our UV hoop performer has developed a range of spell-binding hula hoop tricks and shows designed to wow audiences and tell stories that get the heart pounding. 

From her upbringing in a family of circus performers, she has had the opportunity to master many disciplines and develop a level of flexibility, skill and precision that enable her to perform hula hoop acts which have stunned audiences globally. With credits at highly prestigious venues, our hula hoop performer is well-versed in performing for the most discerning clients. 

Wearing seductive costumes and involving a number of male dancers, her shows are a spectacular treat. In one version, she employs UV hoops and glowing costumes, and tells stories through dance and the amazing hula hoop tricks she has spent her lifetime perfecting. This generates an amazing and colourful visual display that will dazzle audiences. Able to have multiple hoops spinning on different body parts, the act cleverly incorporates dance and music to bring you the most visually exciting hoop act you’ve seen.

Her detailed act and committed professionalism make her an ideal act to book, while her flexibility and dance choices make her hula hoop tricks look impressive and effortless.

Including themes such as Parisian, rock and straight up seductive, this act can be customised to a huge range of event types. Commercial, corporate, variety theatre, night club or cruise ship - this act will go down a storm. With its risqué costumes and provocative narrative, this act will make you think about hula-hooping in a completely new way. It’s impossible for your guests not to be stunned and impressed by the quality of this act, who is willing to work with event organisers to generate the most stunning show possible. 

To book our Hula Hoop Performer, contact one of our dedicated entertainment specialists today. 

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