Hong Kong Flashmob Dancers

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Hong Kong Flashmob Dancers
Reasons to book this Dance Crew
  • Male and female dance crew offering excellent custom choreographies

  • Ideal for promotions, festivals, themed events, parties, corporate functions and brand awareness

  • Performed in over 36 countries including China, U.S.A, South Korea, UK, Taiwan, Singapore and Macau

  • Fantastic flash mob performances will surprise and amaze

  • Based in Hong Kong and available for international events

Hong Kong Flashmob Dancers videos

Hong Kong Flashmob Dancers photos

As one of the leading international K-pop dance crews, this talented collective of dancers are certain to deliver one of a kind act at your event, not only with pre-choreographed stage shows but, with exceptional flashmob routines. With a keen interest in all things Korean pop culture, this award winning dance crew will delight your guests as they put on a surprise high energy, tightly choreographed performance that is sure to wow onlookers.

The flashmob dance crew is made up of multiple highly skilled dancers who have been trained in singing and dancing to a very high level. Our Hong Kong flashmob dancers have a wide and varied selection of both male and female performers who can be selected and grouped together to form a fully customised flashmob routine. The ultimate in surprise entertainment that nobody will ever expect.

The Hong Kong flashmob dancers are incredibly well suited as a tool to provide surprise entertainment at a variety of events or occasions. From promotional stunts, brand awareness to corporate functions and themed events, the dance crew will create a dazzling routine that will suit the event and capture the attention of spectators from far and wide as well as become a highly memorable experience. Costumes and appearances can be fully tailored to the occasion and they a guaranteed to make a fantastic impression.

Based in Hong Kong, the dance crew have provided stage shows and flashmob routines all over the world. Their talents have been recognised globally and recognition has been well received with multiple competition wins. They have travelled all over the world and are perfectly skilled at adapting to their surroundings. 

To find out more about how to book the Hong Kong flashmob dancers contact our team of Entertainment Experts.