Hologram LED Drummers

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Hologram LED Drummers
Reasons to book this Hologram Drumming Show
  • A world-first LED drumming group with fully customisable animated hologram displays within their drums

  • Incorporating state-of-the-art portable holographic technology for 3D animated visuals, product designs and logos on the move

  • Performances combine syncopated rhythms, drumming choreographies, flashing LED suits and customised holograms

  • The perfect entertainment for brand reveals, corporate events, brand awareness, sporting events and product launches

  • From opening ceremony stage shows to ambient welcoming parades, this act guarantees to make an impression

Hologram LED Drummers videos

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If you're looking for that instant WOW factor, a guaranteed act that will turn heads and get people talking, look no further than our Hologram LED Drummers

The first-ever hologram drummers in the world

Taking their already-impressive LED drumming shows to a whole new level, they have incorporated state-of-the-art portable holographic technology which allows them to display 3D animated visuals, product designs and logos whilst on the move. The personalised holograms in the perspex drums are the perfect accompaniment to the tightly syncopated rhythms, well-executed drumming choreographies and flashing LED suits. Whether they're on stage or greeting your guests with a parade, the Hologram LED Drummers guarantee to impress.

Customisable and unique hologram entertainment

Our hologram drummers give the clients the advantage of fully customisable content making the 3D holograms tailored to the event. From logos to rotating and animated products designs to using video clips, the possibilities are almost endless. Unique hologram entertainment doesn't come much more exciting than this and that's why the hologram drummers are perfect for brand reveals, corporate events, opening ceremonies, brand awareness, sporting events and product launches.

Innovative drumming shows

Aside from this outstanding hologram drumming options, these pioneering LED drummers can also use their clear drums for unique illuminated product displays, offer customised LED drumming shows and can even perform as Elvis drummers.

To find out more about booking the Hologram LED Drummers or any of our ground-breaking LED drumming acts, get in touch with our specialists at Scarlett Entertainment